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Ideas about the nature of reality

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ORDINARILY people assume that science is steadily expanding its understanding of how things work and why. In reality however, as many scientists themselves acknowledge, chasms of ignorance open up with every advance they appear to make. The great gaps in fundamental knowledge at the heart of physics and biology can seem insurmountable – but are they?

The big mysteries facing science are: How did the Universe begin?  What forces hold it together? What is the ‘nothing’ out of which the information arrived that formed our Universe?  How do particles create relationships with other particles? How did life arise from inanimate matter – and why?  What is the vital information that made life possible – and where did it come from?  How do new species appear?  What is consciousness?  What is mind? Can an individual's consciousness survive death?  Is the Universe itself conscious?

Our thoughts about these questions, together with sensible answers to them, are set out in our new book.