Griffin and Tyrrell

The Oscillating Universe

SINCE physicists have established that all particles in the Universe are continually oscillating, perhaps the entire Universe is a giant oscillating particle, just as Stephen Hawking suggested, going from a state of being nothing, a singularity (alpha), to the state of being a field of energy, a wave extending everywhere (omega).

     Continually, each new manifestation of the Universe would be based on probabilities: the next most likely combination of relationships between all quanta that make up all matter, including us. In that sense the Universe is always perfect, as mystics teach, because all matter must make a perfect match with all information at each oscillation. The oscillation takes place in an eternal moment.

     Time, in one sense then, is an illusion. The reason we have a sense of time is because we 'universe-hop' across this process, which creates in us a feeling of continuity: that we exist in time. And we do – but in relative time – the condition between the two states. It is an idea many physicists are reaching for and that mystics from many cultures have described throughout the ages when they entered states of mind that allowed them to escape space and time and observe the oscillation directly in a state of bliss.

     We explore the implications of the oscillating universe in our new book where we also discuss what it must mean for the survival of our individual consciousness after our physical death.