Griffin and Tyrrell


We are Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell.          Despite being separated by the Irish sea we have collaborated on many projects since we first met in 1992. The work for which we are best known is the creation of an effective new brief psychotherapy approach, firmly based on sound psychological knowledge about innate physical and emotional needs and resources. It's known as the 'human givens approach'. Or 'HG' for short.

    Over many years we taught this approach to health professionals and others throughout the UK and Ireland. And, because those using the approach clearly became more effective at helping people suffering from mental and emotional distress, many health professionals in the UK and Ireland now accept it as the gold standard by which psychotherapy should be measured, not least because it saves money.

    That, however, was not our only collaboration.




     As we worked together we found that some other interests we shared were interconnected in surprising ways. Furthermore, by extrapolating from human givens principles, we  found we could sensibly answer scientific mysteries that had tantalized us both since our youth – and probably bemused you too. Where did the Universe come from? How does the Universe work?  What is consciousness? How did it arise? Can our individual consciousness survive death?

    In pondering these questions we discovered that science and mysticism are two essentially intertwined aspects of human functioning. And the mysteries are not unfathomable. And those many scientists and intellectual thinkers who have concluded that human life is meaningless are utterly wrong. It is not a fashionable thing to say, but the opposite is the case.

    This site is for those interested in our findings and ideas and  about psychology, history and the human spirit – and the many sources that inspired us.